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Staff Application: Samuel Haverson Empty Staff Application: Samuel Haverson

Post  Samuel Haverson on Sat Oct 01, 2011 2:10 am

Name: Samuel Haverson
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 29
DOB: February 14, 1981
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 187 lbs

What area does your character specialize in?: Counselor or therapist, he also has experience in prescribing drugs as an official psychiatrist.

What qualifications do they have that cause them to believe that they are right for this position?: He has went to college via scholarship from his high school, and had graduated Valedictorian in his class for both high school and College. He is extremely smart, and very understanding, and usually does very well with patients with extreme mental disorders and trauma.

How many years have they been in practice of this position?: He has done many internships and apprenticeships with other doctors and mental facilities and have gotten many good recommendations from the other doctors that he had served under at the time.

Having dealt with the severe loss of his mother by suicide, he and his father were all that each other had left, and at a very young age, the boy surprised his father by saying that he wanted a job where he could keep people from 'making themselves go away'. He pursued that all through his middle school and high school career, and participated in many self help groups that were funded by the school and guidance programs. Having also been gay, he was a fond participator in many civil rights groups, that did not just include sexuality.

Through college he did the same, always helping out his fellow peers, and always offering his shoulder to cry on so that others could feel a bit better. While he did deal with homophobic abuse and ridecule, it surprised the teachers and his fellow peers how well he took it, and how it didn't affect him or his outlook on life. After college, and upon his job shadowing, many of the doctors that he had been under would return to the college with outstanding compliments on the way the man handled problems that arose in the workplace, whether with parents or fellow employees.

How long have you been roleplaying?: Ten Years

How long have you been playing Furcadia?: Eight Years

What kind of roleplays have you done in the past?: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Modern, Horror, etc

Any Questions? Comments? Concerns?: Additional character information includes that he is a paraplegic, due to a car accident that killed his husband, though the loss HAS NOT affected his emotional state.
Samuel Haverson
Samuel Haverson

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