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Staff Application: Park Bom Empty Staff Application: Park Bom

Post  Sana on Sun Jun 03, 2012 9:51 pm

[ This user filled in their application over whispers ]

Name: Park Bom
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 28
DOB: March 24, 1984
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 114lbs

What area does your character specialize in?: Nursing
What qualifications do they have that cause them to believe that they are right for this position?: Only a few years working in this field, she likes helping though so she looked for work at East Haven.

How many years have they been in practice of this position?: two and half years

Biography: Bom was born in Seoul, South Korea. At grade 6, she left to study abroad in the United states. Graduating secondary school, she went on to her college of choice to major in nursing then going onto graduate school to become a nurse practitioner. Finishing up her residency at Dry Times, she wanted to move on. She enjoyed the time spent there, the people and the patients. She was a friendly and open person, tending to get too attached to her patients and co-workers. Her parents said it wasn't good work ethic, though she didn't seem to believe in that. Love thy coworkers she said to herself. After all, these will be the people you see almost everyday, but that seemed to be her downfall. She was too nice and too trusting, but caring for others was just "her thing". She liked it; it was never a chore. Friend sick? Parent feeling down? She was there, trying her best to make them feel better, put a smile on someone's face. She wasn't the squeamish type, never scared away from the sight of blood. It seemed like the perfect decision at the end of the day that she become a nurse.

How long have you been roleplaying?: As long as I've been around furc
How long have you been playing Furcadia?: 5+ years
What kind of roleplays have you done in the past?: Feral and human roleplays mostly. Para and semi-lit.
Any Questions? Comments? Concerns?: none

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