Staff Application: Antonello

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Staff Application: Antonello

Post  heinousdonut on Mon Feb 24, 2014 12:52 am

Gender: M
Species: HUMAN
Age: 33
DOB: 1.09.1981
Height: 6'2''
Weight: (approx.) 190 LBS

What area does your character specialize in?: Psychiatry - the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders
What qualifications do they have that cause them to believe that they are right for this position?:

  • Proper education- MD, plus a complete four-year residency
  • License for psychiatry
  • Plenty of experience, as seen below

How many years have they been in practice of this position?: 3 years, not including school
Biography: Tony was born in Brazil, where he lived until the age of 10 in a modest home. From a young age, the human mind interested him, and once he could read, he could often be found trying to learn more about it. At 10 years, his father was diagnosed with bipolar disorder- deeming it too dangerous for someone so young, Tony was flown to live with an aunt in California. Here, he learned to speak English more clearly, though he still has an accent, and his cousin, who worked as a doctor in a nearby hospital, helped him in learning more about the human mind, as well as common disorders. At 18, he went almost immediately to college to begin getting his degree- other than these, his life has been remarkably average.
How long have you been roleplaying?: About 7 years?
How long have you been playing Furcadia?: 10 years
What kind of roleplays have you done in the past?: All kinds- angst, NSFW, 'fluff', AU, crack, romantic, bloody, medical... I could go on.
Any Questions? Comments? Concerns?:


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