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staff application: Stefan Caprioli Empty staff application: Stefan Caprioli

Post  Zephyrus on Sat Jan 14, 2012 8:39 pm

Name: Stefan Caprioli
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 30
DOB: 2/28/81
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 160 lbs

What area does your character specialize in?: Therapy and psychology.

What qualifications do they have that cause them to believe that they are right for this position?: He has bachelors, masters, and PhD all in psychology and has been working in the private practice of another therapist for a few years.

How many years have they been in practice of this position?: 4 years.

Biography: Stefan was born to a very wealthy Italian family and spent most of his childhood either traveling Europe or in the family's estate in the mountains of the Abruzzo region of Italy. At age 16 his younger brother (age 14) was diagnosed with schizophrenia and institutionalized. Despite the care able to be provided due to the family's wealth the brother attempted to committ suicide two years later and was left in a coma. This inspired Stefan, as he headed off to college to take part in a foreign exchange program with an American college, to major in psychology and further pursue it as he continued his education in the United States. After obtaining his PhD he moved back to Italy and worked in the private practice of another therapist there. He wishes to move back to the United States and has applied to multiple positions in the country.

How long have you been roleplaying?: A few months.

How long have you been playing Furcadia?: About 4 years.

What kind of roleplays have you done in the past?: Mental asylum rps.

Any Questions? Comments? Concerns?: None.

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