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Patient Application: David 2sexTA5

Name: David Jones ( David in-game )
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 31
DOB: 1/8/82
Height: 6'0" (1.83 m)
Weight: He has an eating disorder and doesn't weigh himself very often. He goes primarily by how he looks in the mirror. He has a warped perception of what is healthy and attractive, and, if he can see his ribs and hips through his skin, he's good to go, meaning usually he's quite thin and a bit underweight. It of course fluctuates, sometimes he's quite a healthy weight, it depends on how he's eating and what.

Symptoms: He's obsessive compulsive, not severely however, in keeping things as orderly as possible in his own little 'area', usually involving his own belongings. He's got anxiety and scares easily at loud noises and quick movement, and tends to react by flinching/jerking about to see what's going on, as if to make sure whatever it is isn't coming for him. He drinks a bit too much and in result can experience dehydration and vomitting, which of course also has a toll on his weight, which is another symptom. He has an eating issue, and doesn't eat nearly as much as he should, and not at all what he SHOULD be eating. Sometimes he'll argue you with himself, or supposedly with himself, though it may be he hallucinating. He suffers night terrors occassionally and is prone to very violent, harmful behavior. Occasionally frenzied, but for the most part seemingly rather planned out and well orchestrated. He hurts himself, both for typical reason and for sexual release, and likes to hurt others for release as well, which I suppose falls under the 'violence' category.
Biography: I'll set up a simple list, so there isn't too much reading involved.
Age 1-7: Born in England. Perfectly fine in terms of health and behavior. A late bloomer, didn't start speaking until he was five. Otherwise social and well behaved.
Age 8: Raped by a 'friend' of his fathers, a fellow pedophile.
Age 9-13: For the most part friendly and well behaved, though far more skittish now than he had been. Timid around adult men, panick attacks and occasional bed wetting, concerning behavior involving mutilating sibling's dolls by means of removing limbs, cutting/knotting hair, drawing things that resembled genitals/injuries onto them, etc. Never were discovered by mother, for this was happening while staying with his father at his ex wives' house to visit his two older sisters.
Age 14-20: Becomes sexually active, showing more interest in men than women. Father, a mentally unstable pedophile and closet homosexual begins abusing his son both in a way to 'cure' him of his 'sins' and to also take out pent up frustration/self hatred.
Age 21-25: Kills father through means of self defense, after thuroughly cleaning the scene and hiding the body in the nearby woodland, David flees to France with a lover and gets involved in the clubbing scene. Becomes addicted to cocaine, alcohol and sex, is forced into male prostitution and is beaten frequently by his pimp, who he thought was he lover, friend and trustworthy other. Manages to escape and clean up, still has a drinking problem, no longer uses drugs as frequently and sex addiction has been curved to something more natural. Starts a family and has a daughter, lives a fairly normal life.
Age 25-29: Alcoholism and drug addiction goes up again gradually and the mother of his child leaves him, taking custody of their child. Daughter is abducted and missing for a while, until her body turns up in an alley, raped and beaten with signs of harsh biting. David does what he can by means of surfing sites for pedophiles, google, internet history and paper documents provided by his ex to find the man responsible. Confronts him in his own home, sexually assaults and mutilates the man, killing him and eating what he could of the body. Cleans what he can while still there, takes what parts of the body he can carry with him and flees, moving across the city. Becomes addicted to cannibalism and the thrill of killing, kills once a month for means of food, very little of the body is wasted or dumped. Moves frequently across the states and perfects his methods.
Modern day ( 30-31 ): Kills less frequently but still consumes his victims after sexually assaulting and mutilating them. Has a large collection of wedding bands and teeth, recently inherited a small fortune from a relative in Ireland, has been living off of that.
Medical History: He's a bit sickly overall. Primarily due to his weight. He's been in and out of the hospital for overdoses ( earlier on, not so much anymore ) on drugs, self harm, car accidents ( he's been hit by cars about three times and was in an accident in france due to a crash, he was not in trouble for because he was driving responsibly and soberly, whereas the other driver wasn't. ) He's had a small amount of therapy and was legally diagnosed with a few things.

Has your character been referred by a court ruling?: He's come here on his own decision.
If so, Why?: He would like to improve himself. Feel better. GET better. If not fully, as much as possible. He wants help from professionals.

Has your character been previously diagnosed with any mental or health illnesses?: Yes
If so, what?: OCD, Depression, Generalized Anxiety, Schizophrenia, Sexual Addiction, Alcoholism, PTSD

Has your character been known to harm them self or others (or both)?: Yes.

Anything else? (Questions, comments, concerns, anything you think we need to know about your character IC and/or OOCly): He more than likely will NOT share any information with anyone about the murder half of his 'story'. He'll keep that private and be incredibly vague if questioned. He'll not tell anyone, not even staff, who he's killed, why, or that he even has, ever, besides perhaps his father, which was so long ago and in a different country he barely counts it as a bad thing. He'll also most likely want somewhere private and lonesome to reside in, access to books ( he likes to read ) and permission to be discharged upon request, which he most likely won't be doing immediatly at all. He wants results. ( If anything is wrong with any of this please let me know so we can discuss it and fix it so that it works. )

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