Patient Application: Thu Hazlitt

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Patient Application: Thu Hazlitt

Post  Thu on Sat Sep 03, 2011 12:25 am

Name: Thu Hazlitt
Gender: Female
Age: 19
DOB: March 10, 1992
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 80 or so lbs.

Symptoms: Sometimes sees things, but that isn't too often at all. To her, she tends to 'blank out' and sort of 'wake up' in alternative locations, caused by a switch in personality. She remembers nothing during the time one of the alternative personalities have surfaced.

Biography: There's a bit of a history of MPD in her family, what with her father having it as well as his mother. He also suffered from Schizophrenia. It reached on further in the line, but that's unimportant. Her mother developed an addiction to a multitude of dangerous drugs once she and her husband divorced. Thu was only two then, but she kept in contact with her father. When she would spend the weekends with him, she would often be subjected to his terrible fits. Normally he was a very kind man, but during said fits he could become very abusive and cruel. Thu never told her mother all those horrible events, instead keeping them to herself and returning home as per usual, using typical excuses to justify the bruises and such. Slowly, she began to talk less and less before she just stopped talking alltogether.

When she turned five, it seemed she began to show signs of MPD as her father had. This came about by her having bit her baby brother quite a bit, who was about 2 and a half at that time. Plugs were torn out of him, tiny plugs from her tiny teeth, but chunks allthesame. This, at first, seemed just a very violent display of anger toward her brother, but she sat there cackling like a madwoman the entire time. It stopped abruptly and she began to freak out. She had explained to her mother, who at first wasn't so sure if she was lying or not, that she remembered nothing.

She realized her daughter wasn't lying when it happened again. And again. And when she attempted suicide again and again. When she began climbing things she shouldn't climb, doing rediculous and dangerous things she deemed as fun. And also when she became very angry and verbally violent. She provoked a lot, attempted to get a rise out of others and start fights.

At 7, Thu's mother didn't want to deal with it anymore. She wanted to succumb to the drugs and not have to worry about her strange little daughter. She decided to give her ex-husband full custody of their son. Afterward, she began the processes of admitting Thu to a children's psychiatric hospital. She was admitted to Franciscan Hospital for Children until she turned 14. From there, she went to McLean Hospital until she was 19. The two kept in contact for a bit, though since she was raised in these sorts of environments, these were the closest things she had to home. Before she turned 17, her mother had left for Florida, moving to Melbourne. With her mother's help (who had yet to seek rehab), she found East Haven Mental Hospital and sought to admit herself.

Medical History: Anemic.

Has your character been referred by a court ruling?: No.

Has your character been previously diagnosed with any mental or health illnesses?: Multiple Personality Disorder

Has your character been known to harm them self or others (or both)?: Yes. One of her alternative personalities tends to be very self-destructive, while the other is incredibly violent toward others. This one tends to bite. A lot.

Anything else?: I'm just going to clear this up since it might not have been so clear up in the bio, plus...other patients may not want to read all that.

1. A very hyperactive, giggly, almost childlike personality. In this state, she tends to do very reckless things, break things out of sheer klutziness, and so on. For example, she will run on top of tables and jump from one to another. Very mobile, very hyper, very happy.
2. A very depressed, incredibly self destructive and suicidal personality. In this state, she will attempt to either hurt herself or kill herself with any available resources nearby.
3. An incredibly angry, provoking personality. She doesn't initiate fights, but she will say things to try to invoke them.
4. A very psychotic, sadistic, even cannibalistic personality. She will say strange, surreal things and attempt to thrust herself onto someone in order to try biting plugs out of them. If she does succeed she will, as disgusting as t his may seem, eat it.

Each of them speak. Her default personality just does not. And that's it!


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