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Post  Reha on Mon Mar 05, 2012 8:14 pm

Name: Reha Wycoff
Gender: Female.
Species: Anthro (Lapine).
Age: 23.
DOB: October 2nd, 1988.
Height: 5 ft 7 inches
Weight: 153.8 Ibs.

Symptoms: Suicidal thoughts, murder, and major twitching after long periods of stillness or under tons of stress, Cannibalism.

Biography: Born a sweet child she was, and she progressed onward not having much wrong with her. Her school life seemed normal, A and B grades, plenty of friends to comfort her throughout the years. An average family, nothing out of the ordinary. Then as soon as she hit middle school stress began to pile on her. The stress didn't get that bad till she had made it to the seventh grade. Then she started having problems with severe twitching of the right eye, left leg, and both hands. As life went on the stress messed with her mental health and she started hearing voices in her head that talked about suicide. The thoughts made her want to try and attempt suicide, though she had decided to try and stop the voices from invading her brain by keeping herself occupied. Things didn't work as well as she planned they would, the thoughts wouldn't go away, and on top of those thoughts were thoughts of murder. Bloody, gore-filled murder. Her parents still saw her to be their sweet loving daughter, unaware she was really suffering. She wasn't really open to her parents, she liked to keep her life on the down-low most of the time.

She was 18 when she had been assigned a job as a babysitter for $50 a week. She had done well baby-sitting her nine year old neighbor Tarryn for about a month. Then one Friday night she was baby-sitting Tarryn and her thoughts got the best of her. She snuck up behind her while she was watching television and injected drugs into the childs body using a needle and held her down during the process. The drugs majorly affected the child and put her into a deep sleep. Then Reha had gone to the wealthy families kitchen and scanned through a wide selection of knives. She picked each up and placed the points against her hand to see how sharp they really seemed. Once she determined which she thought the sharpest she took the knife in her hand and went back to Tarryn's body that was lying on the floor. She had stabbed her several times in the heart region trying to make sure she was dead. She turned the body over to where she was lying on her stomach and carved a large uppercase "R" into her back. She then cut a huge chunk of muscle from the arm and then cooked it in the oven. As it cooked she wrapped Tarry's body in plastic wrap and put her in a jet black trash bag. Then she took the trash bag with the lifeless body and threw it in the bushes carelessly and unware if it was fully covered up. Once she was back inside she instantly ran to the house owners supply closet and got cleaner and other chemicals to take care of the mess. She cleaned the blood off of the hard wood flooring and surrounding splatters that were on the TV and walls. After the scene was cleaned to a decent degree she had went to turn off the oven and retrieve her food. Once she had her food she began to eat the cooked flesh and her eyes lit up. She loved the taste and everything about the flesh she was eating. Once it was all devoured she swore to keep this secret and make up every lie she had to in order to keep herself from getting into trouble.

The parents returned and paid Reha for the night and curiously asked where was Terryn. She lied "Upstairs in her room, asleep." Then Reha rushed to her home next door. Tarryn's disappearance was all-over the news and top priority for alot of the Media the next morning. Crime investigators searched all over the residents home, and then explored the outdoors and saw the trash bag. They went over to it cautiously and looking over the fence that divided the two homes was Reha. She bit her lower lip watching them drag the bag with the body out to the middle of the backyard. They called the parents out once they discovered the body inside. They dumped her out onto a large section of tarp and questioned the parents if this was the missing child. They agreed it was and tears poured from their eyes as the parents hugged one another very sympathetic missing their daughter. A smirk crossed Reha's face thinking they wouldn't catch her. They agreed to take the body back to the lab and investigate upon who was the childs killer. The story had been very caught up in the media, and once clues were released such as the 'R' carved into her back, chunk of arm missing, drugs in the bloodstream, she got more nervous. Her twitches were even worse and everytime her parents talked to her she got very defensive and worried about getting caught. Officials had led to Reha and they talked with her about the murder. She tried lying her way out, but it wasn't as easy as it seemed. They had found her to be guilty and took the issue to court. The judge's ruling had been to serve five years in prison. The long, hard, imprisonment had caused her much pain and to lose her sanity. Her sanity seemed to all have been lost after 4/5 of the years she had to serve. Her mind seemed way more complex now and ... insane. Once let out for serving her time she was taken to court for her mental issues within prison. At the end of the court session, she was now to be put in a Mental Hospital and officially declared insane..

Medical History: Narcolepsy (very light).

Has your character been referred by a court ruling?: Yes.
If so, Why?: She had been referred by court ruling because of the murder of a 9 year old when she was 19. and the fact she had seemed to lost her insanity within her 5 year imprisonment.

Has your character been previously diagnosed with any mental or health illnesses?: Narcolepsy (very light).
If so, what? (See Above)

Has your character been known to harm them self or others (or both)?: Not actual harm to self, but thoughts of harming self. And she is known for harming others.

Anything else? (Questions, comments, concerns, anything you think we need to know about your character IC and/or OOCly): Hours online: (Weekdays) 7 Hours per day. (Weekends) 12+ hours per day. And Thanks for reading. Very Happy

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Patient Application: Reha Empty Re: Patient Application: Reha

Post  Sana on Tue Mar 06, 2012 9:17 pm

This application has been read but is currently pending; please check your messages!

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