Personal Houses for 2 gd!

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Personal Houses for 2 gd!

Post  Sana on Wed Aug 01, 2012 1:03 am

With the new dream update, we've added in a neighborhood to the city, which includes the Generic House that anyone can use as well as personal houses!

Houses are for sale for 2 gd each and will be customized to your liking, and are permanent so long as you are active!

How do I get a house?
Houses are obtained by contacting myself, Sana, or Araceli in game. If both of us are offline, feel free to leave an offline whisper!
Alternatively, you can post here or message either of us on the forums!
All dragonscales go towards maintaining the dream package.

Housing Guidelines
Your house will be decorated to your preferences, and we will work for you to make sure you are happy with your product. Despite this, though, your house will need to be decorated in a modern/semi-realistic fashion, so no medieval or rave houses, sorry!
Your house will be able to be locked and unlocked, and you will be able to hand out keys to players that you will allow to enter you house even if it is locked.
Your house will be permanent with the one time payment, however, if you are inactive for more than two months, your house will be removed. If you have a reason for being inactive for more than two months, please contact one of the dream owners so that we are aware of your situation so that you can keep your house!

Current Houses
1. Synchron/Sekura
2. Joslynn
3. Ross Sharpe
4. Coheed Deftinwolf

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