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Name: Marcelo "Marco" Jerkovitch
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 23
DOB: June 19th, 1988
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 142 lbs.

Severe Nicotine Withdrawals <--Anxiety, Shaking, Mood Swings, Extreme Violence, Can't Have Comprehensive Thought Without A Little Nicotine.

Eating Disorder <--Eats Very Little (Both because he's unable to eat more and unwillingness), Smoking Lessens His Appetite Even Further.

-At the age of seven, his family moved from their homeland in Novosibirsk, Russia and immigrated to the United States. There they did a little traveling and eventually settled in Boston, Massachusetts. Moving to a new country at such a young age allowed him to pick up the English language quite easily, although he still retains a slight Russian accent when speaking.

-When the boy was twelve, he was in the passenger seat while his oldest sister was driving and they just recently picked up the youngest sibling from school and were on their way home. However, while continuing down the busy street, there was a large collision ahead which sent the other cars behind it--including their own--skidding to change course or stop before they crashed. The trio of siblings made a good attempt at avoiding crashing into somebody but that didn't stop a few cars from crashing into them, throwing sheets of shredded metal and shards of glass flying everywhere. They attempted to protect themselves the best they could but it was too late for Marcelo to shield his face as a large sheet of metal gouged his right eye and the boy screamed distractedly, not even noticing he had a broken collar bone until later while the oldest sister received a cut above her brow and along her cheek along with a broken arm as she attempted to protect her brother as they were smashed in to. Surprisingly, the youngest wasn't harmed other than being a little tossed about and bruised.

-However, this wasn't all for the three as even more chaos came out along the highway, both themselves and the vehicles they impacted with various debris from trashed cars. The oldest attempted to try and escape with her siblings, Marcelo nearly unconscious while the youngest started screaming once she realized there was something wrong, but they were boxed in. The cars that crashed into them, pinned them to the side of the railing so they were trapped. They were getting even more squashed and trapped and the oldest sister started to panic, but it seems her pleas for help were answered as the roof of the car was pried open by some metal object--The sister wasn't sure exactly what it was other than the fact that people dressed in some kind of uniform were helping the siblings. The people helped to gently pull herself and the youngest out of the car while Marcelo was carefully carried out, so not to jar the wound on his face and were sent away from the danger and lead to the nearest hospital.

-At the hospital, Marcelo was immediately sent to the emergency to check on his facial wound while the oldest sister, Inna, was sent somewhere that had less intensive care while the youngest, Lana, was just checked and confirmed to have no injuries. Their mother was called and informed they were in the hospital and the boy was taken into surgery as they couldn't salvage the eye and he was lucky that the metal sheet didn't penetrate his skull too. However, the costs of all of these examinations and procedures were going to be too much for the mother, Kira, to pay off on her own, only to get help from the people who saved her children as they offered to pay for their medical expenses.

-The damaged eye was something that would be a permanent reminder of that day, and Marcelo spent many months reworking his peripheral vision and coordination back into something substantial so he wouldn't keep running into things or missing something because of an assumed distance was slightly off. This took a long time to get used to, and gave something extra for his neighborhood to talk about when he left the house since he was 'prescribed' an eyepatch to cover the eye wound.

-Started to illegally smoke at the age of fourteen. This lasted for around two months before his oldest sister found out and used it to black mail him into allowing his little sister to play with his hair. Despite being blackmailed and subjected to being a live doll for his younger sister, he continued smoking.

-Was persuaded by his friends in school to try beer. He didn't like the bitter liquid much, but drank a lot anyway to 'fit in'. It surprisingly took a while for him to get drunk, despite it was the first time he tried drinking so much, and it hindered him greatly. Marcelo stumbled home after the encounter only to get violently sick once he reached the bathroom. It wasn't late and his imbalance caught his mother's attention, so it wasn't long before she went to investigate what was wrong with her son. The boy had no chance of hiding it as his breath and clothes reeked of the substance, however, the mother waited until he was well again before he received severe punishment for it.

-Graduated high school with only a few suspensions on his record from his smoking habits. Passed with slightly better than average grades, and maintaining a B average while gaining a particular interest in Mechanics and Workshop. After high school, rather than going to a good college he went to a Mechanic's school to learn about cars and to work in the shop as a full time student and employee. Here, Marcelo was often reprimanded while smoking on the job and on 'campus' since that was a hazard to the work place with all the oil and flammable objects/items around.

Medical History:
Complete Fracture - Broken collar bone, from a car crash when he was twelve. Impaired vision is also related;
Impaired Vision - Lost right eye due to a car accident when he was twelve. It was non-salvageable and scooped out to prevent infection. However, from time to time, he receives phantom pains in his eye because of the trauma;
Coordination Therapy - With only one eye, Marcelo had to be re-trained with his limited peripheral vision and coordination on the distance of objects. He went to see a specialist a few times a week for about three months.
Nicotine Addiction - Recorded at the age of seventeen, nineteen, and twenty-two. All attempts on quitting failed. Patches and Chantix deemed inefficient. Nicotine Gum and Incense reduce smoking noticeably, but not completely;
Anemia - Diagnosed with a minor case at the age of eighteen. Advised to follow a better diet and released two days later after ordered bed-rest and monitored meals. Hasn't been back since for this matter.

Has your character been referred by a court ruling?: Yes.
If so, why?: Marcelo's boss forcefully took his cigarettes away at work once again, despite giving out several warnings since he first started working/learning there. Marco retaliated violently by throwing a wrench at the man's face and duking it out with him. This wasn't the first time he's assaulted someone at work over his cigarettes/nicotine addiction and the boss was tired of it. Marco got pressed with multiple charges of assault and the court ruled that his nicotine addiction was a serious problem that he needed to receive treatment or counseling at a proper facility, as well as looking into any other disorders he may have. If Marcelo agreed to the conditions to seek out treatment, he wouldn't be put in jail, so of course he agreed and was recommended to a place in Florida because of their renowned status.

Has your character been previously diagnosed with any mental or health illnesses?: Nicotine Abuse and an Eating Disorder (Possibly a distant branch of Anorexia)

Has your character been known to harm them self or others (or both)?: Yes.

Anything else?:
1) Marcelo is a 'slave' to cigarettes or more specifically, nicotine. If he does not have them, he suffers from withdrawals and becomes extremely moody, even violent--especially to those around him or the one who took his cigs away intentionally or not. You rarely see Marco not smoking a cigarette and when he isn't, it is usually because he has just run out of them or he has had them forcibly taken away from him. However it is not advised to forcefully take his cigarettes away, as he always reacts violently to such. Instead, it would be better to persuade him to stop smoking for the sake of others or to reason with him to switch to nicotine gum.

2) Living in a household dominated by females has left Marcelo slightly intimidated by women older than himself. This makes him more inclined to listen to older women, much more than he would react to the rest of the populace.

3) Occasionally his damaged eye receives twinges of phantom pain from the experience he had when he was young. When this happens, Marcelo usually will hole himself up in his room and try to bear it out with bed rest and a few pain pills, if possible.

4) If one were to look or be shown under the eyepatch, one would see a long, pale scar going down both eyelids and if forced open you would see a hollowed out socket, Marcelo isn't adverse to showing it when inquired, however he knows not a lot of people would be comfortable to be looking at such an injury so he uses an eyepatch to keep it hidden.

5) Marco is somewhat effeminate in appearance, so it isn't a surprise if he's mistaken as a female. It also doesn't help that his hair is nearly waist length and often tied up in one of the styles his younger sister forced him to learn to keep it out of his face/way when working or for leisurely purposes.

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