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Foreword; "Alright forget everything you know about the Rock star Alice Cooper, the real man.

I play Alice in my own adaption of his character. What if the real man behind the make up never existed. What if the character he portrays on stage was just a crazy dude living in the world. The events of the songs are events of his life (The more unrealistic ones are put down to hallucination and dementia.) That is how I RP Alice and ya know.... It works!

Name: Alice Cooper.
Gender: Male.
Species: Human.
Age: Unknown, in his 30s
DOB: Unknown. He has forgotten his birthday and the town he was born in so records are nigh impossible to obtain.
Height:5 ft 9.5 in (177 cm)
Weight:152 lb lb
Symptoms: Multiple Personality Disorder. Homicidal Tendencies (Sometimes), Dementia, Hallucinations.

Biography: Alice was born "Steven". Life was ok up until age 12. He had friends in school but when he left elementary school and moved to Middle School he was unpopular. He lost his younger sister when he was 10. ( ) His father was abusive and regularly beat and sexually abused him and his mother. Forced Steven into the car (drunk) and drove to "Get away from it all." One day Steven got daddy's gun. As he came upstairs Steven shot the old man, put a whole in his eye.

As a result of the murder, Steven was taken from his mother and institutionalized. It was at this time (around age 12) He started to exhibit signs of personality disorder and regularly spoke to "Alice". High school education was provided by the institution. Steven was allowed a pet, he choose a tarantula and started to develop an obsession with spiders. His favorite became the Black Widow for it's sheer dominance and how deadly it is. It commands respect. ( ) .

Upon completing his High school education he didn't really show any interest in a particular career. He was enticed to join a local freak show and travel with them as a performer thanks to above average reflexes/reactions and a witty tongue. He started out as a "Trained freak" Who preformed as a juggler and fire breather and did tricks such as the human blockhead. Eventually, after about 5 years of preforming, Steven was set up to become the aged the ring masters replacement. ( ) It was during this time Alice surfaced again.

Alice loved the circus, Steven was a quiet sweet boy who wanted a quiet sweet life. The arrogant, fantastic showy world of the freak show was Alice world and Steven became the dormant personality. Eventually being locked away to never be named again. Except on very rare occasions and only when Alice thought he was alone would he ever talk to Steven.This was the only time in his life he was happy . The side show traveled but after another further 5 years of being the ring master. Alice purchased a run down theater and began planning shows that had themes. He invented dark twisted theatre / horror theater or at least brought it to that area. "People LOVE to be scared" was one of his favorite quotes.

But some people do not love to be scared. The people didn't get bored of the shows. Alice always strived to make them better and better but he went too far to keep people shocked, keep on the cutting edge, each show better than the last.

Parts of the stage were destroyed, fire became more prominent. Some of the death acts were... well it was hard to tell where pretend stopped and real began. Bestial acts betwix animals in stage clothes as monsters or demons and women, young girls,. Live sodomy, volunteers for murders and deaths in the story that looked... too real and that's not even everything that went on.
( ).

Eventually the people demanded the theater closed and Ran the circus out of town, leaving Alice alone with his building. All alone. It was then the girls started going missing. Steven was actively fighting Alice to end the homicidal urges, he never wanted THAT! ( ) Alice however is having his own problems. No one has ever loved him or Steven... This lead to his downfall, do read on.

The girls that he started abducting he would kill in a very precise fashion. His spider obsession has escalated so that now he believes he IS one in human form. A Black Widow trapped in a mans body. The name "Alice" makes all the more sense to him. Also the nightmares he suffers from are becoming more frequent ( ).

The girls he would lure either with seduction, trickery or downright, rather crass, brute force were injected with tranquilizers at first (The bite). They would awake in a silk night gown or similar (Wrapped in silk ( ). Then they would be injected again. This time with Poison. (The Venom). Once they were dead Alice may or may not have sex with the corpse ( ). The last act would be the removal of one of the corpses legs which Alice would then sew onto his "Spider suit.

It all went wrong at the end. He fell in love with the 8th Victim.. He couldn't kill her. He let her go and thus was caught. ( ).

Caught... ( ) and that brings us to this ( ).

But... ( ).

Medical History: Allergic to Disco.

Has your character been referred by a court ruling?: A court ruled that Alice be taken to the nearest mental institute for assessment. It will then be ruled weather he will be executed or imprisoned in a maximum security institution. Alice is quite capable at ACTING sane and knows how to manipulate people like puppets. He is seeking to appeal for a non life sentence.

Has your character been previously diagnosed with any mental or health illnesses?:
MPD when he was institutionalized as Steven when he was a young boy.

Has your character been known to harm them self or others (or both)?: Very rarely himself. Harm others? Read the criminal record!

Anything else? yeah! -

Ref pic:

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