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Staff Application: Stone, Rozetta Empty Staff Application: Stone, Rozetta

Post  Rozetta on Sun Sep 11, 2011 5:44 pm

Name: Rozetta Stone (IC/OOC) or Rozetta (OOC)
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 27
DOB: 13/02/84
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 160lbs

What area does your character specialize in?:
Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing

What qualifications do they have that cause them to believe that they are right for this position?:
Rozetta has worked hard to reach the third level of nursing recognized by the US - APRN or Advanced Practice Registered Nurse. She then chose to specialize as a PMHN (Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse) and therefore holds a Masters degree in this field.

How many years have they been in practice of this position?:
1 year.

Rozetta was, to be blunt, an accident. Immediately after her birth she was handed off to her maternal grandparents and brought up living a very rich life. Attending only the best private schools, with the most highly regarded tutors, she was quickly accepted into a top university (Though we make no promises that the Dean wasn't bribed).

During adolescence she was permitted to visit her mother, a mental patient suffering from schizophrenia and depression, several times a year. Over time she grew to feel almost 'comfortable' around those suffering from psychological 'issues', and eventually chose to attempt a career in Nursing. After several years of hard work (And the occasional paid-off professor) she graduated with a Masters degree as a PMHN, and submitted resumes to various institutions across the country, eventually choosing to work in California. Unfortunately, her grandmother was lost to cancer, and Rozetta decided to return home in order to look after her elderly grandfather. She has applied to work in several institutions within two hours of the family home; East Haven being amongst the closest.

How long have you been roleplaying?:
I began roleplaying approximately nine years ago, however I've been 'on a break' for approximately four-five months, and haven't participated in human/humanoid roleplay in at least nine months.

How long have you been playing Furcadia?:
I joined Furcadia in December of 2007, but haven't played actively for some time now. I've become semi-active again on a whim, after hearing about East Haven through a friend.

What kind of roleplays have you done in the past?:
My range has been rather wide, from Fantasy to Realistic, Sci-Fi/Future-esque to Medieval, Modern Day to Victorian. Feral, anthropomorphic, mythical and human. I have not, however, ever attempted to partake in a 'Mental Hospital' style dream, nor have I dipped into the Psychiatric side of Medicine before now.

Any Questions? Comments? Concerns?:


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