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Post  Gregory House on Mon Feb 24, 2014 7:30 pm

Name: Gregory Laurie House
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 54
DOB:  15 May 1959
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 171 lbs

Symptoms: (What makes you think that your character needs help?)


Poor concentration
Social isolation


Racing heart
Muscle tension
Tightness in the chest
Difficulty breathing
Nausea, vomiting

Biography: I'm addicted to Vicodin and have a chronic pain in my right leg. I would like to be able to stay off of vicodin and learn how to better deal with the pain.

Medical History: I've been struggling with a chronic pain in my right thigh for several years. I have been to a Psychiatrist Ward before, and it did help after a long struggle. Because my bad habits have come back, I wish to try to put this behind me once again.

Has your character been referred by a court ruling?: (Is coming here their decision?)
If so, Why?: I've decided to come here. Because I'm addicted to Vicodin and need to get off it for good, so I can be a better doctor to those around me.

Has your character been previously diagnosed with any mental or health illnesses?:
If so, what? Addiction to Vicodin? And as I've said before, Chronic pain in my right thigh.

Has your character been known to harm them self or others (or both)?: Both. I've harmed both before.

Anything else? (Questions, comments, concerns, anything you think we need to know about your character IC and/or OOCly):

My only question is; will he be allowed visitors while here? That's it! ^-^
Gregory House
Gregory House

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