Patient Application: Vincent Delacroix

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Patient Application: Vincent Delacroix

Post  Mason on Fri Sep 02, 2011 6:48 pm

Name: Vincent Delacroix
Gender: Male
Age: 16
DOB: 11/11/94
Height: 5'8
Weight: 144

• Paranoia
• Psychopathy

Vincent was born into a family of insanity. His mother suffered from paranoia while his father was a psychopath (father hid his psychopathy and acted normal for the most part). His parents were in denial of their own insanity, so the two never went to 'get help'. Due to his mother's paranoia, Vincent was forced to be a shut-in. She didn't want her 'precious little baby' to be 'intoxicated' by the poison that is society. In turn, Vincent was home schooled. Rarely was he ever allowed outside. It would be natural for him to become naive. Due to his naive nature, Vincent never knew what society was truly like. His father worked as a high-ranked police officer. The day when Vincent turned thirteen, his father came home in a blind rage. The psychopath nature that he hid for so long had finally bottled up to the point that when he snapped, all hell broke loose. His father forced Vincent to watch and film the murder of his own mother in the bathroom. The dim scene was filled with tears and blood. It didn't help much that after the incident, Vincent was tied onto a chair that forced him to re-watch the video of his mother's death over and over. After that day, the teenager was locked in a claustrophobic-ally yet clean room in which he was only allowed out when 'business time' arrived. Vincent helped his psychopath father in killing and filming eighteen murder/rape cases through the timeline of three years in order to create clips for a snuff film. If Vincent refused to help, he was beaten and left without food. Soon enough, he learned to not refuse. Since he was a high-ranking police officer, the father managed to deter the investigations of the murder cases from going in the correct direction. Since Vincent was only ever allowed into society to kill, his father conditioned him to believe that 'life is really a game. Everybody is out to kill each other. The more you kill, the higher your score. Some people are too naive to believe in these rules, and that's why some people are easy targets.' Vincent managed to link this as a possible reason as to why his mother never allowed him out to become 'intoxicated' with society. His mind imposed the idea that his father was telling the truth due to what knowledge he had, and he actually began to like the 'business time' since his father praised him afterwards and it was the only time he ever got to go outside. Because of the nature of 'business time', he was allowed to run and jump at full speed. Vincent loved the adrenaline rush. Eventually, he saw nothing wrong with killing people. After three years of killing, they got enough clips to create a nice and long snuff film. While trying to sell copies of the film, the police got their hands on it and traced the source of the copies. When police stormed their house, Vincent's father ordered him to shoot him with the gun he'd provide. Vincent complied and was arrested shortly afterwards. The teenager thought he and his father just lost the game, but he'd later realized the games have just begun. The courts could clearly see his insanity.

Medical History:

Has your character been referred by a court ruling?:

If so, Why?:
Involved in eighteen counts of murder to the first degree. Found not guilty by reason of insanity.

Has your character been previously diagnosed with any mental or health illnesses?:

If so, what?

Has your character been known to harm them self or others (or both)?:
Vincent has been known to harm others.

Anything else?:

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