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Patient Application: Marissa Keinz Empty Patient Application: Marissa Keinz

Post  Mason on Sun Nov 25, 2012 3:59 pm

Name: Marissa Keinz
Gender: Male. (Dresses, acts, and talks like a girl.)
Species: Human.
Age: 16
DOB: Nov. 24th, 1996.
Height: 4'7"
Weight: 140 lbs.

Symptoms: He seems to be more distant from the situations happening around him. Isn't taking care of himself well, considering he lives alone. He's also been wearing a bandage covering the majority of his fore-arm, and refuses to tell anyone. He also shows odd moodswings, ones not normally exhibited by a normal person. He can go from happy to depressed in an instant, and gets in fights rather easily.

Biography: Marissa wasn't always known as Marissa, actually being born with the name Arthur. However, in his early highschool years, he started to lean away from relationships with girls and preferred to be closer around boys. However, due to his appearance, he was easily overlooked and even bullied. His parents refused to keep looking after him, and kicked him out of their house because of his appearance change. He grew his hair out, began buying various women's clothing, and even went as far as to get breast surgery. He changed his name legally from 'Arthur Keinz' to Marissa Keinz on his birthday. His boyfriend he had ended up leaving him when learning about his suicidal history, and he began to show signs again. Lack of care, loss of weight, and often times falling asleep in the middle of class. His school teacher called his parents and they agreed that Marissa be admitted to the mental hospital. However, on his way there, he attempted to strangle his father with no apparent provocation. His mother restrained him, and he was taken to EHMH.

Medical History: Allergic to latex and cherries. He also has issues with eating, gathering large amounts of food and eating them, only to expell them out in fear that he'll gain too much weight.

Has your character been referred by a court ruling?: No.

Has your character been previously diagnosed with any mental or health illnesses?: Yes.
If so, what?: He's been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, and has obvious signs of the suicidal nature.

Has your character been known to harm them self or others (or both)?: Both. Himself often, and others occaisionally.

Anything else? (Questions, comments, concerns, anything you think we need to know about your character IC and/or OOCly): He refuses to not wear his glasses. If they are taken from him, he'll freak out and try to get them back, no matter the cost. He also is very clumsy, often times tripping over things or walking into walls.

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