Citizen Application: Larilyous Vorratue

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Citizen Application: Larilyous Vorratue

Post  Mesteno on Fri Jun 08, 2012 8:50 pm

Name: Larilyous Vorratue

Gender: Male

DOB and Age: October 30th, 1984

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 170

Species (Furre/Human/Animal): human

Larilyous is a salty little tart who went through life like most young men his age. He lived in a quite suburb with his parents and his twin bother. He had a good childhood, being more outspoken than his brother, he usually got everything he wanted. Lari was always a little more popular in school than his better half, goofed off during lessons, kissed other boys to make the girls squeal, your typical party boy.

Unfortunatly this path did not get him far. He was not able to get into college with his lack-lust grades, and so he started to do odd jobs all around his home town untill he found an add in the back of the local news paper.

From the day he turned twenty Lari could be found dancing the stage of a classy strip club called The Lexington or turning tricks in the back of the club. Really, this classy honey has no shame.

What is your character's source of income: Erotic dancer at the upscale gentlemens club 'The Lexington'

What type of residence does your character have?: Appartment


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