DREAM UPDATE 6/4/2012: City and Website!

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DREAM UPDATE 6/4/2012: City and Website!

Post  Sana on Mon Jun 04, 2012 9:48 pm

After much time has passed, the exterior of the new city extension to the dream is here! Welcome to East Springs! It will be accessed by a taxi cab in the front of the dream as well as a quick teleport to the city park.

The new city addition also brings new rules that apply to the city, which can be accessed by the dreams new website: http://easthaven.atwebpages.com/

This is also where the dream rules and information will be posted in the future to keep permanent information more organized!

Announcements, Applications, Credits, Character List, Character Sheets, and anything else that requires more consistent updating will stay on the forums.

We have also created a new application for town characters and staff, which can be accessed in the Applications section of the forums. We know we have players that have already began roleplaying in the city that East Haven Mental Hospital resides in, and these players will have to reapply their characters in order to be accepted in the dream (unless your character is a staff member of East Haven Mental Hospital or an outpatient). This is in the interest of fairness; sorry!

The dream will be reuploaded sometime soon to reflect the changes and the city will continue to be worked on until it's complete. It's just been a while, and I'd at least like to give you guys something. Have fun!

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