City Application (Townsperson and Staff)

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City Application (Townsperson and Staff) Empty City Application (Townsperson and Staff)

Post  Sana on Mon Jun 04, 2012 9:08 pm

***NOTE: If your character has already been accepted into the East Haven continuity as a staff or patient (and is now an outpatient), they do not need to fill this application out again. This is for entirely new characters.***

FILL THIS APPLICATION OUT IN AN OOC MANNER. This application is for us to check your character and make sure if they are appropriate for this continuity, and we cannot do this if your character is withholding information for whatever reason. We will confirm with you when your character is accepted.

Please post a new thread on this forum with the title "Character Application: [CHARACTER NAME HERE]" or "Staff Application: [CHARACTER NAME HERE]" if you are applying for staff as well. We will private message you on the forums the results of your application. Deleted applications will be removed and accepted applications will be kept up as examples.

If your character is rejected and you were not given a chance to amend it, please wait a full 24 hours before applying again.


Roleplay Eligibility



DOB and Age:



Species (Furre/Human/Animal):

Biography (What is your character like? How did they get to where they are now?):

What is your character's source of income (This position does not give out a staff position; you will need to fill out the extra staff portion for this):

What type of residence does your character have (apartment, house, mansion, homeless, etc?)?:



If you are applying for a staff member as well, fill out this portion of the application. If not, then feel free to leave this portion out.

Have you roleplayed at East Haven Mental Hospital?:
If yes, what position did you hold (administrator, staff, Doctor, Patient, etc)?:

How long have you been roleplaying in The City/Mental Hospital?:

How long have you been playing Furcadia?:

How long have you been roleplaying?:

How often would you say you play Furcadia (Daily? Monthly? Yearly)?:

What would you deem as breaking the rules in the dream/roleplay?:

Have you read the Terms/Conditions and agree with them?:

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