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Patient application: Neil Frazier Empty Patient application: Neil Frazier

Post  Zephyrus on Wed Apr 25, 2012 5:59 pm

Name: Neil Frazier
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 21
DOB: 5/23/90
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 155 lbs

Symptoms: Hallucinations, both aural and visual, mostly of his late mother but other figures are sometimes present as well. Tends to identify most women as his mother. Very uncomfortable being alone, tends to have panic attacks if left alone or if in a small, confined space.

Biography: Neil was born to a young mother in an accidental pregnancy when she was 19. His father walked out when Neil was 6 months old and was subsequently jailed on charges of drug posession and sexual assault (unrelated to Neil's birth). Neil's mother was very sickly and had chronic heart troubles stemming from a birth defect. She had some latent mental issues which were never addressed in her youth but as she dealt with the stresses of being a single mother she became more and more violent towards her son. Starting from about the age of 5, Neil would be beaten by her anytime he put burdens on her (making messes, creating chores for her to take care of) or anytime she was ill and he did not care for her. Seeing as how Neil had his own mental and physical disabilities hindering his ability to function, he was beaten often, to the point where certain parts of his body are very scarred and he began to develop hallucinations, often of his mother berating him and telling him to perform certain actions. His whole life became centered around his mother, neglecting everything else, including friends and schoolwork. He became obsessed with women, with caring for them.
His mother recently died of a heart attack and he has been living on his own off of what little was left of her social security disability checks. He was reported to the police multiple times for stalking women in his neighborhood and was eventually arrested. He seems to have not accepted that his mother has died as he referred to all of these different women as his mother. He was tested and it was determined that he should be committed to a mental hospital for treatment.

Medical History: Mild autism and diabetes.

Has your character been referred by a court ruling?: Yes.
If so, Why?: Stalking of women; clear evidence of hallucinations resulted in him being committed.

Has your character been previously diagnosed with any mental or health illnesses?: Yes.
If so, what? Mild autism and diabetes.

Has your character been known to harm them self or others?: He has been known to harm himself at the request of the voices he hears.

Anything else?: He cares little for his own well being so will often neglect to eat or take insulin injections unless specifically told to by a female. He is also currently underweight.

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