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Patient Application: Dionna Bell Empty Patient Application: Dionna Bell

Post  Santi on Thu Apr 19, 2012 4:16 am

Name: Dionna Bell
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 20
DOB: October 6, 1991
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 110

Dionna has psychotic breaks where she feels like she isn't able to do anything in her own body but is extremely violent. She also has delusions that keep her in a catatonic state for varying periods of time during which she imagines herself in a different world. Along with the catatonic state delusions, that world can also bleed over in hallucinations while she is fully functioning, however, they are restricted to things like a single person appearing as someone from the world rather than a whole reality.

Dionna Bell was born as Emeline Dionna Bell at approximately 6:02 am on the morning of October 6, 1991 to a mother suffering from schizophrenia and with an identical twin sister-Rosaline- following only two minutes later. They grew up a normal, if not a little on the poor side, home until they were taken from their mother by protective services due to her health and ability to care for them deteriorating quickly. After that her life was uneventful until she turned 18 and had to take a second job to try to help pay for not just their living, but also Rosaline's college schooling. More work meant less sleep, more stress and Emeline gradually became more tired, stressed, and irritable until she started having these flickering paranoid thoughts about if her sister wanted her dead. The thoughts gradually became full blown delusions and sometimes she would suffer brief hallucinations that her sister and others around her were horrifying creatures. Four months after the twin's 20th birthday Emeline came home from her second job to find Rosaline sitting at the dinner table eating what looked like, in her mind, human flesh. In reaction Emeline grabbed a knife and was on top of her sister in a second, threatening her while her sister cried and begged. As Rosaline looked demonic to Emeline due to the visual hallucination, she did not understand her sister’s tears. Before she harmed her sister in any way though, she saw (another hallucination) black smoke coming from her sister's mouth and coming towards her. Suddenly she felt like she was not a part of her body and just watched herself carve up her twin sister.

After that she sat in the blood crying and staring thinking something wierd and demonic had happened, even though it was just the effects of worsening Schizophrenia. The neighbors had heard the cries and they called the police who arrested Emeline and held her until trial. The court of course found that she needed psychological help after she recounted the story from her perspective and she was sent to the Crestview Mental Hospital where they handled her for a month during which she was catatonic* and unresponsive for twenty six out of the thirty one days of the month before they attempted to transfer her to East Haven. One of those days that she was fully functional, Emeline reacted violently to being called by name, instead insisting that she be called by her middle name Dionna.

*the extra information shows what went on during that time in her head

Medical History: Allergic to Darvocet (Though that shouldn't matter considering it was withdrawn from the market in November of 2010)

Has your character been referred by a court ruling?: Yes, involuntarily admitted.
If so, Why?: She committed sororicide and thought a demon had caused her to do it.

Has your character been previously diagnosed with any mental or health illnesses?: Schizophrenia

Has your character been known to harm them self or others (or both)?:
Dionna has no history of self harm, but she was referred to a mental facility because she killed her sister. She can become violent during moments of extreme stress or some triggers, but she is not violent save for those moments.

Anything else?:
During the month of being catatonic at Crestviewview Dionna's schizophrenic mind wove it's own elaborate hallucination sort of reality which she lived in.

In her mind she was a functioning part of a mental hospital and was tended to by a nurse named Brennon who patiently tried to help her as she explained what happened, treating her hallucination as what had really happened, believing that something supernatural had caused the events. When she'd sleep she'd have nightmares of the moments and her nurse gave her coffee daily in a gesture of good will that won her trust.

Soon she started having periods where she'd retreat into her mind go into her memories of when she had her first conversations with Brennon (When she was unstable and volatile) and she noticed a trend more and more of how calm Brennon was despite how she acted or what she said.

She just was beginning to form theories when she came out of her catatonic state an back into the world of the real Crestview, though really her mental mental hospital had no name. When she was back to her senses, it was like the events of what'd happened in her mind had actually happened and she acted as though Brennon was real even though he didn't exist at Crestview or in general.

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