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Post  Xeno13 on Sun Feb 19, 2012 6:05 pm

Patient Application

Name: Lenna Inesca Ellis
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 21
DOB: 4/13/1989
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130

Symptoms: somewhat unreasonable paranoia, sudden sometimes unprovoked violent outbursts, general mood swings, refusal to accept or acknowledge certain events, often exaggerates or replaces normal events so that they sound like fantasy, and will often laugh at inappropriate times.

Biography: Lenna I. Ellis, twin to Aaron L. Ellis(deceased) and daughter of Johnathan and Kimberly Ellis. Lenna was very close to her brother Aaron, the both of them had what most might consider a normal happy life up until about age 10. At that time the family was living in an apartment building on the third floor and the twins were playing on the fire escape even though they had been told countless times not to. Kids will be kids. Aaron was sitting on the railing of the fire escape and lost balance, breaking his neck when he hit the ground. As one might imagine, Lenna and her parents were devastated. From that point Lenna began to exhibit anxiety and unusual behavior which would only grow worse with age. Both parents tried to do their best, attempting to be supportive but after things had become more than just a handful they didn't know what to do and eventually just tried to pretend everything was fine.

Has your character been referred by a court ruling?: (Is coming here their decision?)
If so, Why?:
Involuntary Commitment, Observation stage. Current Court Charges: Aggravated assault...On a vending machine ( she will claim she attacked a person) and twenty known counts of animal cruelty (will spare details, the curious are welcome to ask about it)

Has your character been previously diagnosed with any mental or health illnesses?:
Generalized anxiety disorder

Has your character been known to harm them self or others (or both)?:

Extra notes:
*Violent with canines,Will try to kill any dog she comes in contact with, regardless of breed, size, or temperament.
*Will try and wear belts too tightly around her waist, which has given a slight effect of tightlacing.This is a somewhat new behavior so there isn't a lot of damage yet. Still something to keep an eye on.
*Does not take criticism well, will become defensive and agitated
*Often becomes obsessive and possessive over individuals she feels attached to [will not be listed on IC documents].
*Loves to draw but will rarely show her work [ not listed on IC documents]

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