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Name: Cael Pearce
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 17
DOB: April 13th, 1994
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 126lbs

Symptoms: Entering new environments cause him to be wary and paranoid, the same can be said of interaction with those he doesn't know. Cael suffers from frequent delusions (both auditory and visual), panic attacks, night terrors, socially awkward behavior in regards of physical contact, depression, fears dark spaces (specifically outdoor areas), and suicidal. Prior to the first institution he was placed in, any available records lack accurate information due to negligent observation to his person and mental health.
Biography: Born and raised in Brookville, Ohio - the only child of hesitant, but albeit loving parents.

- As a kid, Cael's reclusive and somewhat somber behavior was noticeable but never taken seriously because he was so easily frightened. His overactive imagination was tolerated for a while, but after irritating his parents over strange sightings and noises in the dead of night (creaking floorboards, branches tapping at the windows, etc.) they began to exert mild punishments such as spanking, long time-outs, toy and activity deprivation.

- From his mother's Japanese heritage, he learned to craft origami and write Kanji at the age of seven, becoming adept in later years from almost constant practice.

- A month after starting fifth grade, school experiences took an unnerving turn when other students started bullying him because of his refusal to interact in class, or even speak for that matter. He kept this to himself, afraid nothing good would come of telling the truth over it.

- The social abuse continued well into the boy's high school years, a select few students and a couple teachers found many reasons to use harsh criticism because of his unusual behavior. Despite this, there were some who chose not to bully him, a single person who actually supported him. Another male by the name of Dominic was more than enough to help get Cael through the rough hours of school. However, the feeling of relief and security didn't last long enough.

- Soon into his sophomore year, Cael realized the development of unusual feelings towards his new friend. At the ripe age of 15, the teen discovered homosexuality but was too scared to say anything to anyone, let alone to Dominic. For whatever reason, he went to his parents for advice - his mother wasn't much help and his father started harassing the adolescent (behind the wife's back of course). Forcing himself to put up with further abuse did nothing but continue damaging the male's emotional and mental state.

- Eventually, his father's verbal abuse turned physical, Dominic picked up on this after a few months before finally pressuring a confession out of him. Surprisingly, after the initial shock, his friend reacted fairly well to the information, even admitting to reciprocate the same feelings. Not even a week later, his lover was announced hospitalized and in critical condition.

- Those responsible for the assault were expelled - both the same pair that usually bullied Cael. Finding out that they threatened his boyfriend in hopes of breaking the two up, when that didn't work the upperclassmen resorted to straight out violence. There was no easy way to handle this situation and of course he blamed himself. Without his voice of reason and comfort, the teenager's behavior worsened as he shut everyone out. Aside from trying to maintain school work, he stopped caring about anything else other than Dominic, whom he visited as often as was allowed. Unresponsive but alive, and it tore him up to see someone he loved so much in this comatose state.

- Things only went downhill from here, keeping his emotions hidden around anyone else and speaking even less than before. His mother set up an appointment with the school's psychiatrist after sensing something to be wrong with her son. Though unwilling to admit he was having problems, this therapist suggested simple monitoring of actions and behavior until Cael wished to talk. After a while, he slowly lost his grip on reality - unable to get proper rest because of nightmares, seeing strange apparitions during the day, and only becoming more stressed as he didn't know what to do with himself anymore. Suicidal thoughts were present but never acted upon at this time.

- He started to believe Dominic was trying to contact him through subconscious thought, sometimes even seeing his projected spirit when under heavy depression despite people trying to explain that it was a figment of his imagination, which in all actuality, it was. To everyone else it appeared as though he talked to himself, which drew unwanted attention. This condition turned critical after Cael suddenly became hostel, picking a fight with his tormentors from school after being provoked yet again. Aside from grounding their son, his parents determined medical help was needed and his doctor recommended antidepressants as well as a sleep aid.

- In the middle of his Junior year, Cael was pulled out of high school because of sudden bursts of unstable misconduct. For obvious reasons, he wasn't allowed out of the house, mostly for his own safety. By his 17th birthday, their doctor confirmed that Cael should be administered to a proper facility and resided within Dry times Mental hospital for five and a half months where little to no progress was made. Whether it was recorded or not, he admitted to multiple suicide attempts, the indisputable proof on his wrists and arms. It was then his mother who opted he be transferred, it was her son's suggestion to be moved to East Haven Mental Hospital. His reason? Because he heard his only friend Synchron (the only person he really ever talked to aside from Tarq) had been moved there.

Medical History: Has Eczema, located on the back of his hands from the knuckles down to the wrists, caused by a chemical burn. Allergic to wheat, fish, and cigarette smoke (hereditary, but no respiratory infections have been found).

Has your character been referred by a court ruling?: No

Has your character been previously diagnosed with any mental or health illnesses?: Yes
If so, what? Paranoid Schizophrenia, Insomnia, Nyctophobia, and possibly Asperger’s syndrome.

Has your character been known to harm them self or others (or both)?: Yes, though rarely ever hurts anyone else unless constantly provoked, or when he believes to be in danger. Cael has a tendency to harm himself after prolonged anxiety becomes unbearable.

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